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Bernette B79 Review: A Reliable Sewing Machine for Tailors

Looking for a reliable sewing machine that is perfect for beginners? If so, the Bernette b79 is an excellent option to consider. Whether you are looking to work on simple projects or more advanced creations, this machine has everything you need to get the job done. In this Bernette B79 review, we will take a closer look at what makes this model so popular and why it continues to be one of the top-selling sewing machines on the market. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • The Bernette B79 is a high-quality sewing and embroidery machine that comes with a variety of features and functions, including an embroidery module, dual feed system, and more.
  • It also features a large working area that allows you to easily work on even your biggest projects, as well as control buttons for various functions.
  • The Bernette B79 is a feature-rich machine, and due to its many functions, the machine is heavy which makes it not very portable.
  • The machine has a wide working area which is important for quilting, heirloom sewing, or mending clothes.
  • Foot-vise, the Bernette B79 embroidery machine comes with 8 types of feet including a zigzag foot, embroidery foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot with slide, blind stitch foot, and more.

Bernette B79 Embroidery Machine Features

One of the main reasons why so many people choose the Bernette B79 is because it offers such a wide range of features for a sewing and embroidery machine. Let’s check them out:


The Bernette B77 is a highly versatile sewing machine with a lot to offer sewers of all skill levels. Regardless of your skill level, this machine can make it simple for you to produce stunning masterpieces.

Multiple stitch options

With an amazing 500 built-in stitches , this sewing machine is perfect for advanced users who want to create unique and intricate designs. You can easily adjust the tension, stitch width, and length with the convenient controls on the front of the machine. Also, which I find great is that you can memorize the stitches you use most and easily access them at the press of a button. Also to mention the decorative stitches and zigzag stitches.

Semi- Automatic needle threading

Another great feature that makes this machine so user-friendly is the automatic needle threader. With just a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily thread the needle without any struggles or frustration. This helps to save time and ensures that your sewing projects are always completed on-time and with excellent results.

Drop-In Bobbin

The drop-in bobbin system is also a great feature that helps to make sewing easier and more efficient. With this system, you simply drop the bobbin into place and you are ready to start your project right away.

LCD Touch Screen

Another reason why this machine is so popular is due to the LCD touch screen display. This screen allows you to easily view and select your stitches with just a few taps or swipes of your finger. Plus, it also comes with built-in tutorials that will help guide you through even the most complex projects.

Embroidery module

Not only does it offer all of the basic features you would expect from a high-quality sewing machine, but it also comes with an embroidery module that allows you to easily create stunning embroidery designs on your projects.

Dual Feed System

Bernette B79 also comes with a dual feed system that helps to ensure that your projects are always even and level. Whether you are working on quilting, heirloom sewing, or simply mending clothes, the Bernette b79 has everything you need to create beautiful pieces every time.


In addition to all of these great features, this sewing machine also comes with a variety of feet and accessories that make it easy for you to accomplish any task. You can find all kinds of feet such as zigzag foot, embroidery foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot with slide, blindstitch foot, button-sew-on-foot, foot knee-lift, overlock foot and free motion foot.

Large Working Area

The Bernette B79 comes with a large working area that allows you to easily work on even your biggest projects. Whether you are sewing heavy fabrics or embroidering detailed designs, this machine can handle it all. The area spreads throughout 6”x10”, which is more than enough.

Control Buttons

Apart from the above mentioned automatic functions, it also has control buttons for different functions such as Start/Stop, reverse Stitch, needle Up/Down, slide speed and feed dog lever. This can be amazing for novice sewers as they can easily control the functions without any hassle.

Automatic Thread Cutter

Lastly, this sewing machine also comes with an automatic thread cutter that makes it quick and easy to finish your projects. With the press of a button, you can easily cut all of your threads at once, which not only helps to save time but also ensures that your designs are always clean and professional-looking.

Key Specification

Product Dimensions : 20 x 23 x 22 inches
Weight: 47 pounds
Stitches : 500
Embroidery designs: 208
Speed: Sewing – 1000 spm; Embroidery – 850 spm
LCD Display : 5-inch color touchscreen
  • Both for sewing and embroidery
  • Supports all embroidery formats
  • Bright LED lights
  • A great number of sewing and embroidery stitches
  • Can handle both thick and thin fabrics
  • 5-inch LCD color touch screen
  • Comes with a great number of accessories
  • It’s heavy and non-portable
  • It takes a little bit time to start
  • Little bit on the pricey side

Final Verdict

All in all, I would definitely recommend the Bernette B79 to anyone looking for an advanced sewing machine that comes with a wide range of features and functions. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this machine is sure to help you create beautiful projects with excellent results every time. So why wait? Get your very own Bernette B79 today!​

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