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Bernina 335 Review: A Comprehensive Review

Have you been looking for Bernina sewing machines but you are unsure of what qualities they provide its user? Are you confused as to what options this machine has to offer and are you curious to find out more about its features, performances, and other aspects? Today we will be reviewing all the attributes this machine provides to its consumers.

Key Takeaways

  • Bernina 335 is completely beginner friendly, making it a wonderful choice for new hobbyists
  • Has some amazing features such as the Bernina free hand system that allows for multitasking like raising or lowering your presser foot.
  • Small and completely transportable, not very heavy, and works in smaller spaces.
  • Works great when it comes to completing projects in the dark because of its LED features.
  • Has a maximum speed of 900 SPM, very beginner-friendly overall.

Bernina 335:  The Features it Offers

Bernina B 335

The Bernina 335 sewing machine is completely portable, compact, and user-friendly, making it a fantastic choice for new enthusiasts. Furthermore, it performs brilliantly when it comes to finishing work in the dark because to its LED capabilities.

Regarding this very convenient and amazing sewing machine, we can talk about all of the features it has, how it performs, and all the beneficial and key components as to how it functions with its intended usage. With this, we will be looking at performance, size, features, accessories, and many other key factor elements found within this product, as it is very fundamental and crucial to review each and every feature that it has to offer us. Regarding all of this, the main key features that this wonderfully convenient sewing machine has to offer are the following:

  • Easily accessible buttonhole foot for controlling when your machine stops and starts its projects, as well as adjusting its needles when needed, as well as being able to easily control the speed of your machine using these dial-up buttons
  • A maximum stitch speed of about 900 SPM (stitches per minute)
  • Decorative Stitches select Alphabets and Laborious threading thread
  • A small space of around 16cm from the needle, making it not very convenient when it comes to having excess space
  • Comes with LED lights, convenient for a late-night sewing project as well as giving it a more interesting design.
  • Offers the user a maximum stitch width of 5.5mm, with a maximum stitch length of about 5mm.
  • Has the option for the machine to be able to efficiently save your pre-existing stitch settings onto its hardware.
  • This machine is ridiculously small in size, weighing around 8kg in total, meaning you can easily transport this machine whenever you need to do your projects on the go.
  • A free hand system, allows its users to be able to multitask while being able to produce more convenient products.

Since we have determined each and every key feature that the machine has to offer, we can now proceed with a more in-depth analysis of what every feature has to offer.

Buttons and button control

If you were wondering how the Bernina 335 button controls work, you would be surprised as to how easily function all of these dials and buttons are. You can easily navigate by changing the sewing speed, to being able to easily change the maximum amount of length and width that you can sew for this project (within the given limitations of 900 SPM, stitch width of 5.5 mm, and length of 5mm). Easily accessible on the machine itself, making it extremely convenient and simple to navigate.

Maximum stitch speed provided

While this may not be the biggest stitch speed that is provided in a machine, it is certainly convenient for short, easy, and beginner-friendly projects if you are completely new when it comes to sewing. A maximum speed of 900 SPM with the ability to be easily toggled down if needed, while increasing up to the given limitation at any time.

16cm or 160mm of space between the needle and the arm

Not a very convenient and efficient workspace, in-fact this makes the machine more small-sized than flexible to work with. With this limitation, there is not much room when it comes to being able to have a larger size workspace for your needs, but it is still an exceptionally well enough workspace if you are a beginner.

The option of having your LED lights working at late hours

Yes – you are indeed able to work with this machine in the late-night hours because it provides a great and accurate light source that will be convenient in use when it comes to working during extensive and dreadful hours. What makes it less sufferable is that with this feature, you are able to navigate more.

A maximum stitch width of 5.5 mm with a length of 5mm

Although this is a very standard size, it is highly efficient and particularly useful, you do not require any copious amounts of length when it comes to creating beginner-friendly projects, and with this, this is completely efficient.

Saving your settings

You can easily save your settings on your device as pre-sets for whenever you want to furthermore work on projects with the same pre-existing settings you need, highly efficient and flexible.

The very convenient size

This miniature machine has a very compact size and weight, is great to use in tighter spaces, and is easy to transport, due to it weighing only about 8kg, which is a very generous size, compact, and easy as it is fairly small sized.

Free-hand system

The Bernina 335 offers the user a free hand system that allows for easy multitasking, being able to easily maneuver around projects with ease, as you can proceed to lower your settings using the dials without having to permanently stop what you are doing and pause. This is a splendid feature and lets you have more control over your machine.

Concluding thoughts about this machine.

This is a great beginner-friendly machine, with great performances that are some of the best out there for people who want to start sewing as their main hobby and start creating various projects out there. Whenever this machine is lightweight and has an average capacity for small home-intended projects, it easily works great in these situations as it provides a lot of diversity.

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