A short bio for those that don’t know me!

So, i am Jenny Hart. I’ve been in the sewing and embroidery field for more than 20 years, and I started this website to share patterns, tips and tricks. Over the years, it evolved. I am a mother of three amazing daughters, and 4 grandchildren!

I used to run a small sewing shop in Sacramento, CA. Over the years, my daughters joined and they helped me run the business. I’ve been retired since 2016, so i started this blog together with my daughters to share my knowledge about sewing, embroidery and materials. If you’d like to contact me, please drop me an e-mail at!

Meet my daughters & writers of this blog!

Betty Hart

Sewing Specialist

Sewing is definitely one of my biggest hobbies. I’ve been doing it since i was young, thanks to my mother. I specialize in sewing, and that’s what i mostly write about.

Martha Barnes

Embroidery & Sewing Specialist

I am a proud mother of two amazing daughters, and i run our sewing & embroidery business full time. I am also a part-time writer for this blog, because i love sharing my findings and experiences!

Stella Hart

Fashion Expert

I graduated from London College of Fashion, and I’ve been working for a Fashion Design company for 10 years. My other hobbies are going to the gym and reading.