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Cashmere vs. Superpaint: Which Is Best Paint Option?

Due to the extensive high demand when it comes to finding the top-quality painting brand out there, there are many painting brands that offer many types of amazing products for their needs. Some of these products are Cashmere and Superpaint. However, let’s look at what both options have to offer its consumer, and how they compare to each other.

Key Takeaways

  • Cashmere and Superpaint are both similar when it comes to quality; they both perform very similarly.
  • Cashmere seems to have a thicker consistency and coverage and is able to produce slightly better quality.
  • Superpaint is great if you are looking for less-patchy and messy results.
  • Cashmere knows its way out when it comes to drying faster and more precisely.

Cashmere vs. SuperPaint

Cashmere Paint and Its Features

Cashmere paint has been a more recent painting brand that provides a lot of flexible features when it comes to how this paint performs. This sort of paint has been mainly used to paint any interior or exterior walls, although it is not shy to be used in many outer surfaces like fences and many other materials.

This brand of paint has been known to possess some very interesting characteristics. One of the main most notable features of this paint is that it contains more vinyl plastics within its structure and composure.  This seems to be a notable feature when it comes to how easily dust sticks to the painted area.

Another very popular feature of this type of paint is that it’s characterized by providing each and every painting area with a very specific glossy finish. Is this necessarily a bad trait? No, in fact, it is a great feature of this paint, especially if you are looking to add a shinier look to your interior and exterior walls of choice.

Superpaint and Its Features

Superpaint has been a very notable and common paint brand that has been used more often than Cashmere paint, as it predates the existence of this type of paint. The main difference between these two types of paints is found in the consistency.

Superpaint has been known to have very good durability when it comes to how well it functions when painted, with the consistency to be slightly less thick than what Cashmere really is. Overall, Superpaint is a great option to use within a painting.

When it comes to the glossy finish of this paint, this sort of paint has a duller and less glossy color, not making the finished product pop off as much when finished, meaning it is a paint used for more leveled-out products, rather than having shine to its delivered product.

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Cashmere vs. Superpaint – Let’s Compare The Features!

Although both of these paints seem to perform very similarly when applied, there are still a few features out there that are slightly different when it comes to how these paints perform, this ranges from quality, durability, and many other notable features that these paints seem to contain within their structure.


When it comes to the quality of both of these paint types, Cashmere and Superpaint provide some very similar qualities, with the exception of Cashmere providing a slightly better tone and coverage compared to what Superpaint has to offer.

However, Superpaint also works as a great alternative, as the coverage on this paint can be great, especially when covering darker areas as it does not provide any patchiness when applied.

The quality may slightly vary due to the texture and finish that both of these paints produce, but overall, the clear winner in this category is Cashmere.

Durability and Drying

Both of these amazing paints offer some great durability when it comes to how their paintwork performs. These paints are both very durable and can last for longer periods of time when applied, which means they both retain similar quality even despite aging.

However, one more notable difference is that Cashmere seems to be more easily washable when compared with Superpaint. Cashmere paint also seems to be slightly more removable when compared with Superpaint.

The vinyl plastics found in both of these paints help during the drying process, with the exception of Cashmere having more vinyl plastics that enable faster drying in this paint, making Cashmere more durable, easily removable when it comes to washing off, but at the same time being able to produce easier drying and faster results.

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Dust and Coverage

Due to the lessened amount of vinyl plastics found within Superpaint, this sort of paint is more prone to having more dust particles stuck during painting. This can be a slight issue that may affect further quality, making the paint less efficient and can even cause the results to look slightly dulled out and dirty.

Cashmere does not seem to struggle with this problem as much as Superpaint, however, it is still a very notable feature that affects both paint brands overall. It is recommended to be careful and vary around any unclean spaces when painting so as to not affect the quality.

Cashmere provides more thickness when it comes to coverage, and the consistency of Cashmere paint seems to be thicker when compared to superpaint. However, superpaint seems to work slightly better when used in darker colors. With this in mind, Cashmere can seem slightly patchy in some places if applied for darker coverage in colors.

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Final Thoughts

Although it really depends on what sort of quality you are trying to produce, whether you are looking for something to cover darker results, or even if you are looking for a paint that is strictly designed to be able to dry within a certain amount of time, these choices can depend within these factors.

Although the most notable features are possessed within Cashmere paint, meaning it provides more consistency when it comes to how it performs overall. Both of these paints have very similar characteristics with Cashmere being a slight improvement to what Superpaint really is.

Superpaint is also a great option, especially if you are looking for the coverage of having less patchy results, a duller environment with a not-so-eye-striking shine, and the ability to have a slower drying process with the intention to make more changes. Superpaint is a great second option or even an alternative to Cashmere.

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