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Denim vs. Cotton: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to comparing both of these fabric materials, we can clearly see that both of these types of fabrics can be used within the clothing industry.

However, how do both of these fabrics really compare to each other, what are their main key differences and what really is the difference between these choices?

Let’s thoroughly analyze these fabrics and determine their features such as durability, comfort, and how widespread and commonly used they are within the worldwide market.

Key Takeaways

  • Cotton and denim are used in the production of similar clothing items.
  • Denim is more durable than cotton, but cotton is easier to clean in comparison to denim.
  • Both denim and cotton Can be used in different weather conditions as the production of these clothing is suited for all weather types.
  • Cotton outperforms denim in many qualities such as practicality, and comfort, and is most commonly spread around the world.
  • There are many types of denim jeans out there depending on what you are looking for.

Denim – A General Overview

This commonly used material is mostly found within the clothing industry to create many products that can easily be found in our home wardrobes. A main and most common example of the use of denim is within the production of many articles of clothing.

This material can vary in the thickness of it, which most commonly depends on what product it is used to create. This material is known for some very noticeable key qualities and is mostly found in outerwear.

With this in mind, these qualities will determine the differences between denim vs cotton to determine which is the best fabric out of these comparable materials. First, let’s take a look at the qualities of Denim.

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Quality and Origin

Denim as a material is known to be a somewhat heavier material that varies in thickness depending on what it is mostly used to produce. This material is most widely used and can be commonly found in many articles of clothing.

The origin of this material dates back to the mid-1800, with the sole intent to create a more original and diverse material for its consumers to practice and create clothing within the industry.

Its main and most common use can be seen within the production of denim jeans, shorts, and even articles such as denim jackets as well, as this material can be incorporated in many garments.

Durability and staining

Denim is produced to be a sturdier and more durable material. The main and most common quality of denim is that it possesses the ability to be sustainable against outer damage.

However, denim can be a more absorbent material, which may induce damage in regards to stains. By this, denim absorbs heavier liquids and moisture, making it harder to clean.

If you are looking into using and/or owning any sort of denim clothing type, make sure to keep an eye on and thoroughly clean this type of fabric to avoid permanent damage.


Depending on the type of jeans you are looking for, the comfort of this material may vary. There are many types of Jeans out there, with the most popular types being

  • Skinny-fit
  • Regular-fit
  • Baggy/mom-fit
  • Loose fit

Depending on how these types of jeans are fitted to your style, some of these jeans types can be slightly more uncomfortable in comparison to others.

The most trendiest and most comfortable type of jeans out there within these dates is the baggy/mom-fit, which is a trendy and stylish choice for this generation, with the additional feature of better comfort.

Cotton and its qualities

Cotton material is one of the most commonly used materials out there when it comes to the production of clothing, which makes the comparison of denim vs cotton a very important comparison.

Cotton as a material has been around for many centuries as the main material in the production of many articles of clothing, which include a wide variety of garments and home items as well.

With cotton being so widespread within the fabric community, there are many redeeming qualities of this material. Let’s look at the key main qualities.

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Quality and origin

Cotton is a material that is strictly made from the cotton plant. Regardless of this origin, the cotton plant requires to be refined for more use.

The quality of cotton varies depending on the production rate. However, it is known to produce some of the best quality garments to date,

This material is very eco-friendly when it comes to its quality, meaning that no material goes to waste when producing different types of clothing items.

Durability and staining

When it comes to the durability of cotton, this material is not very durable as it is prone to outer physical damage, which means that this material can easily be torn apart.

Even though cotton is a very absorbing material, it can easily be cleaned and can be ridiculed for any further stain damage, making any cleaning process easy and simple.

With this in mind, you may have to be careful of physical damage when it comes to taking care of this item.


Cotton is known to be a very soft material, as it is used in the production of many clothing with items such as shirts, undergarments, pants, and even items within the medical field.

Cotton has a very specific texture that allows it to be extremely soft, which is extremely different when compared to denim. This material is also very flexible meaning that it will retain its shape with further modification.

Cotton is also very breathable, meaning that it is a great material for warmer weather conditions but can also maintain heat regulation when it comes to colder conditions as well.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to comparing both of these fabrics, we can clearly see that they both have very redeeming and different qualities from each other. Knowing this, we can see a clear resemblance between these fabrics.

However, when it comes to comparing all of the physical features of these products, we can clearly see that cotton is the winner in the denim Vs cotton comparison.

The main reason why cotton outperforms denim is that cotton is more diverse and can be used in the production of similar clothing items like denim but it is also more comfortable and more obtainable within the worldwide fabric market.