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How to Clean Wicker Baskets: Step-By-Step

You’ve just bought your very first wicker basket and you seem to love using it! But unfortunately, you may have gotten it dirty with laundry detergent or you simply think that it deserves a quick wash in case there is any filth left behind. Unsure how to clean your basket without damaging it? Well, we have the best tips for you, so, let’s unravel how to clean wicker baskets!

Key Takeaways

  • You can easily clean your wicker basket by doing a few easy and simple steps
  • Using everyday products you find at home, you can efficiently clean your basket without having to purchase any additional items from stores.
  • The steps for cleaning a wicker basket are very simple and easy and can be done anywhere from your home garden to your kitchen sink or bathtub
  • Please handle your wicker basket with care, as they are prone to damage from too much force, or even water damage.
  • Do not clean your wicker basket too often, it is recommended that you do it less due to the possibility of water damage.

Is it possible to clean your wicker basket without damaging it?

Yes, it is! In fact, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Wicker baskets tend to be fairly easy to clean up due to the material they are made of. However, you have to approach their cleaning process with caution as they are made out of wood or synthetic fibers. This is why when cleaning your wicker basket, you have to be extremely careful to not damage the material. Regardless, as long you take care of your basket, and gently apply cleaning products, the process of cleaning is very simple and easy. There are a few products you may need for your cleaning process, these are products that can be found in your everyday home, such as:

  • A wet sponge to scrub out any unnecessary dirt in your basket
  • Any sort of soap, dish soap, shampoo, or any other cleaning product that will not damage the basket ( do not under any circumstance use bleach, sulfuric acid, or any type of similar product as it may harm the basket and you)
  • Any unneeded towel to lay down to not get water on your floor (completely optional if you are cleaning your basket outside)
  • If you are cleaning your basket outside you can use a water hose, or as an alternative, you can use your home sink or your bathtub
  • A towel to dry down your basket  

The cleaning process and all of its steps

So, you got all your materials lying down in front of you, but the main question still stands – how do I start cleaning my wicker basket? You might think that you need some sort of complex method to clean it, but on the contrary, cleaning your wicker basket is as simple as ever! You can easily clean your basket just by following a few simple steps. These steps require minimum effort and are quite easy to do! Use the following instructions below:

Prepare your basket

After you’ve gathered all the necessary materials to completely clean your basket, make sure you set up a working spot where you would like to start cleaning. This could be anywhere from your home bathroom to your front yard(Although, it’s recommended to proceed to clean outside to minimize any unnecessary water spillage in your household). With this in mind, place your basket where you feel most confident and comfortable working.

Start scrubbing!

Once you’re confident enough to the point that you know you can start cleaning, use either soap or any kind of shampoo that’s safe to use on your wicker basket. Gently place a generous amount of it on your sponge and start lightly scrubbing the surface for about 6-10 minutes, make sure not to apply too much pressure as it may damage the basket. Also, keep in mind to scrub both the front inner side and the back side of the basket to ensure that your basket is properly cleaned. Let the basket sit for no more than a few minutes to soak up the soap.

Rinse your soap off!

Since your wicker basket has probably been sitting in a soap for a few minutes, start rinsing all of the soap product off of your basket. If you are using a garden hose, make sure not to use to much pressure, as the pressure may create rips in the basket and completely ruin It! If you are washing your basket in your home sink or bath, use cold to medium-temperature water. Anything more than that will soften up the fiber or wood material in the basket and may furthermore damage it. Once you are done it’s time to grab your damp cloth.

Dry off your basket.

Now that we thoroughly washed our basket with the right temperature water, as soon as the basket gets rid of all of the excess water, you may start carefully drying out your basket with a clean microfiber cloth. When using a dry towel or damp microfiber cloth, simply start wiping every side of the basket carefully and gently so as to not apply too much pressure when cleaning wicker baskets. Make sure to dry every side off as by leaving it wet, the microfibers and wood will soak it in, causing water damage.

Final thoughts: Easy cleaning process!

As you can see from the above instructions, cleaning your wicker basket is simple, easy, and very efficient to do. The only main requirement of cleaning is to be very gentle with your basket so as to not damage it further. With this in mind, please do not clean your wicker basket very often, as water damage may happen due to the absorption of water found in the material that it’s made of. The recommended amount for cleaning your wicker basket is about every few weeks to a few months at best, there is no need to clean your wicker basket unless it’s completely dirty and requires a more in-depth cleaning service.

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