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5 Types of Cotton Fabric (Qualities Explained)

Have you been thinking about implementing cotton into your next sewing project, but have been unsure about what type of cotton fabric to use? There are many wonderful cotton options out there that you could use to your liking, as using cotton as your main material for any type of project can be a great benefit when making any product. Let’s look at all of the options that we are offered.

Key Takeaways

  • There is a large variety of cotton products out there, but these 4 are the main and most popular cotton fabrics to date.
  • These fabrics can be found in everyday clothing items as they are very common to produce clothing with.
  • Both denim and flannel rank as some of the best cotton fabrics out there to use, they are extremely popular and you will always find at least one flannel or denim product on the market.
  • Some other types of cotton fabric are worth mentioning, although I tried my best to pick the most popular and used ones, Egyptian cotton, pima cotton, quilting cotton (craft cotton), cotton poplin, cotton jersey, and so on.

Cotton Types, How many exist?

While you may have thought that cotton was just a standard material that could be used on its own, you are very wrong. Depending on many factors, there are more than one cotton types that exist out there and can vary in quality, size, how well it can be used to make a new product and how it really handles when it comes to price.

This is why we will be looking at the best cotton fabrics out there to use for you, and any other purposes you may have. Since cotton is mainly used in sewing, we can confidently say that the diversity in cotton fabrics is a great and ideal thing as it provides us with more versatility in many factors. Here are some of the more popular cotton fabrics out there.

  • Flannel – yes, it is considered a branch of cotton fabric. Commonly used in creating channels as the name suggests. This fabric is characterized by creating many patterned clothing used in a variety of cases
  • Denim. Surprisingly enough denim is considered a cotton fabric, as you are familiar denim is usually used to make products such as denim jackets, denim jeans, and many other types of denim products.
  • Gauze. You may be familiar with this type of cotton fabric as it is mainly used to tighten up or wrap any sort of fresh wound for a healing process. This type of cotton is characterized by being more open and leaving room to breathe. This is why it is mainly used in medical supplies.
  • Muslin – An extremely lightweight cotton fabric and very loosely woven cotton fabric. This fabric is very see-through and can be used to create more stretchy and better-feeling cotton products.

What do these cotton types have to offer?

Although there are many more cotton types out there, these being the main ones, we can accurately point out each and every reason why these cotton fabrics stand out more than the others. Looking at this list, each and every cotton is characterized in its own special way and can only be described with all of the amazing qualities they have to offer. Now that we’ve looked through what these fabrics are and that they stand out from the crowd, we can proceed to look at what these cotton materials have to offer:

1. Flannel cotton

Flannel cotton has been around since the making of flannel pajamas and as its name states channels. This very soft material is characterized by having a very specific type of pattern as it makes it stand out from any other material out there. This is why using this type of cotton fabric is widely popular, as it is very versatile and unique.

2. Denim in your household

You probably own at least one denim item in your household, whether it’s owning a very expensive pair of denim jeans to having denim shorts for the summer and hot weather. You can also find denim in denim jackets. This is a very popular fabric that has been popularized in many places around the world and has been used frequently since its discovery.

3. Gauze cotton and its main usage

Gauze fabric finds its main primary use within every medical institution as its main and primary use is for keeping any injury to our wound protected from any outer type of bacteria or further infection. This fabric is very breathable and loose, meaning it can easily let a lot of air come through. However, Gauze is not really suitable as a fabric for clothing.

4. Muslin – what is it

Muslin, as a cotton fabric it’s pretty similar to Gauze. However, it remains slightly thicker than it. Muslin is also a very breathable type of fabric which is why this fabric is strictly used in making comfortable clothing such as pajama shorts and other types like this.

Final Opinion

We cannot specifically determine the best type of cotton fabric out there, because the main cotton type really depends on its use, its probability, and many other factors such as what type of product these fabrics are used for. Keeping this in mind, we can clearly pick out any type of fabric regarding what type of product we are making, or even what quality we are trying to produce. Although all of these fabrics are pretty common in every clothing item we may own, they are very versatile and can be used when making specific sewing projects when it comes to fabrics.

Apart from this, one of the most popular fabrics out of all of these is denim, as it is most widely used in many clothing items and easily one of the best-selling products out there on the market. Flannel ranks at a very impressive second place as it is very commonly used in many clothing types such as pajamas. Highly popularized for its very interesting pattern, Flannel also comes in various colors and can be an amazing addition to your apparel.

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