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3 Types of Polyester Fabric: Which Is The Best One?

Looking to make some amazing sewing projects but don’t know what type of polyester fabrics to use? Are you trying to figure out which polyester fabric is best suited for your needs? Well, buckle up! We’re going to look at the vast range of polyester fabrics that exist out there on the market.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three main types of polyester out there that can be produced
  • Each polyester type varies in how it’s made and what type of product it’s made
  • Ethylene polyester can be most commonly found and it is the most used type of polyester out there, ranging from making a durable type of clothing to using it in your own sewing projects and crafts.

Different Types of Polyester Fabric

While you may be thinking that polyester is just one material in itself overall, it’s actually more complicated than that. Polyester has been categorized under many other sub-fabrics that are within its category. You can easily find a wide variety of polyester fabrics that can be used in many projects and products out there.

This diversity exists to better provide consumers with better fabrics to be able to easily work on more diverse projects when it comes to sewing and creating new items. Regardless of this fact, polyester has many great redeeming qualities when it comes to how it presents itself as a fabric and how it affects its environment. This is why such a great variety of polyester fabrics and products exist to this date. So, for that reason, we can easily identify some of the more popular polyester fabrics out there, which are the following:

  • Ethylene Polyester (PET)
  • Plant-Based Polyester
  • PCDT Polyester

These names may seem very scientific in a way, but these are the main type of polyester fabrics that the polyester industry has to offer its consumers. These fabrics differentiate from each other when it comes to usage, quality, and many other similar attributes out there.

Polyester Fabric: What They Have To Offer

While you may have heard that polyester is a very great and durable material in the sewing world, depending on what type of polyester you really use, there can be many outcomes. Using polyester as your main material can be a very great way to be able to provide some very sturdy items of clothing and other types of materials out there. Polyester is made of microfibers which makes it a very recyclable material, it is not completely natural and is fabricated from these fibers to be able to be made into one very specific material.

However, we can confidently say that using polyester in many projects can be a great benefit for any type of fabric, as polyester has some of the best water-resisting qualities to date! Overall, if you use this material, you will be mostly satisfied. Although it still depends on what type of polyester you are aiming to use, we can differentiate how each and every polyester fabric differ from one another. In this case, we can see the following traits for each fabric:

Ethylene polyester (PET) and its qualities.

You might have heard about this polyester fabric in very often cases, as it’s probably the most used type of polyester out there to date. This type of polyester fabric is made from petroleum and there are many processes when making this type of fabric. This fabric is most commonly used because it’s an easier alternative to make, making it most commonly used in any polyester clothing type. You can find this type of polyester material in most of the polyester clothing made, as it is most commonly found in everyday clothing made from polyester.

Plant-Based polyester, how it works.

As the name suggests, this type of polyester is strictly made from plants and all-natural materials that have ethylene in them. You can find a lot of products made from this type of polyester such as yarn as its most common prototype. These polyester fabrics look great and can be easily used in the threading or knitting community.

PCDT Polyester, what it really is.

This type of polyester is known for one major factor in its use, it is extremely flexible and very durable. You can come across PCDT Polyester when it comes to making thicker and more flexible materials, most commonly found within the production of curtains. However, this type of fabric is also used in combination with other fabrics to make some great type of variations.

Final Words

Openly discussing each and every polyester fabric has made us question whether or not there really exists the best option out there. However, we can quickly assume that there are many depending on what type of product you want to produce that can make us really dive deep into what we want to choose. Overall, the best type of polyester fabric is the most commonly used Ethylene Polyester as its most popular and most openly accepted when in range with many other products out there.

Ethylene polyester is mainly and primarily used when it comes to making everyday clothing items and can be a great type of material if you want clothes that are durable and will last you for a long time. It is best known for its great overall durability and flexibility and can make any type of material out there with ease. If you are looking to find this type of polyester in your local area, do not fret as it is very common and you should be able to have it anywhere in your localized material shop. Whenever you are looking to sew a new type of product, or you’re just looking for some very durable clothing

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