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5 Types of Wool Fabric

Wondering yourself, what is the best wool fabrics to use for your sewing projects? Are you trying to decide what the best choice is? We will be looking at the best and the most adequate fabrics for you and your sewing purposes, regardless if you are using a sewing machine or sewing by hand, these are the best types of wool fabric for you!

Key Takeaways

  • There are many wool fiber types out there, and they vary in quality and price. You can find each type depending on what quality you are looking for
  • If you are looking for the best choice when it comes to wool, choosing merino wool is the best type of wool for you.
  • There are also other types of wool fibers that vary in quality, price, and sturdy ness. Depending on what type of wool you require, you can choose any of the mentioned types.

Elaborating on Wool Fabrics

While you may be thinking that there aren’t many wool types out there, there is actually a very wide variety of choices out in the market! With plenty of options available, there also comes the factor of the quality of the wool as well, different types of wool produce result in different quality products. However, all of these different qualities and types of wool are great for specific or any type of sewing needs. Depending on what you’re trying to make, you can pick any type of wool based off of what you are trying to produce. With this in mind, in this article today, we will talk about the best types of wool fabric such as:

  • Merino wool fibers – quality wool produced from the merino sheep. Considered one of the best choices of sheep wool out there
  • Lambswool or virgin wool – this is the wool that has been taken from baby sheep when they have their first coats, it is very soft and a great type of wool.
  • Cashmere wool is fairly expensive and very hard to come by. It is a very high-quality type of wool but is extremely hard to make, this explains the reason why this wool is very expensive
  • Alpaca wool – as its name stands it’s made from shearing alpacas. It is a very soft type of wool that is produced from the Alpaca, a great quality type of wool.
  •  Felt wool. One of the most durable wools out there, also easy to reproduce.

Wool Fabric: Differences

We reviewed each and every type of wool fabric, and now let’s talk about all of their characteristics, and what they have to offer you. By doing this, we can determine what the best wool type is, and which type is appropriate for your personal needs overall. We will be in-depth looking at what these wools have to offer you and how they affect your projects. With this, we can start breaking down each and every wool type.

1. Merino wool and what it has to offer

Merino wool is one of the most well-used types of wool out there as it’s characterized by its amazing quality and its common usage. It derives from the merino sheep, as its name suggests. A very comfortable wool yarn that is used in many sewing projects and produces some of the best products out there.

2. Lambswool also known as virgin wool

Lambswool is a wool type that has been produced from a young lamb. Specifically, this wool is the first coat that has been brought from the lamb when the lamb is only a couple of months old. It is sheared carefully to produce this quality of wool.

3. Cashmere and its priciness

Cashmere is most known for being an amazing quality type of wool. However, due to

its very amazing quality, this wool is also known for its very high price. Regardless of that, this wool

is very hard to produce as it is made of very tiny fibers that are very expensive to reproduce on their own. This is why, when working with cashmere it is recommended to be extra careful as accidental damage may be very costly.

4. Alpaca wool

As its name suggests, this wool is made from alpacas. Due to its very great softness, this type of wool it’s pretty popular yet common to find.

5. Felt wool

Felt wool is also a pretty common wool type and you can find it easily. This wool is made from different types of microfibers that are forced together to make this type of product. Felt wool is used in any type of sewing project, you can make a large variety of things with this wool. The possibilities are endless and it can be amazing to take on creative projects. This type of wool is very sturdy and will last you for a very long time.

Summary: which is the best wool type?

Now that we discussed all of these wool types, we can easily talk about which one of these is the best type to use in your projects. Overall, every single wool type is great in its own way because they possess their own attributes in their given way. However, regardless of this factor, the best and most used wool type is the merino wool. It has some of the best quality out there and can be obtained from the merino sheep. It is not difficult to come across this wool type.

Plus, it is easy to work with and it’s highly efficient. From my experience, I like this type of wool because it produces some of the best quality wool fabric out there for any type of wool project that requires good quality wool fabrics. If you are stuck on which type of wool is the best option, then definitely consider using merino in your projects.

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