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Which is the Best Fabric for Curtains: Answered & Explained

Curtains – An essential feature in our home that every household must have, whether you use them to block out the blinding sunlight on a bright day to use them as decoration to spice up your home. They’re a great multipurpose addition to any home. However, you may be stuck deciding what material is best suited for your home.

Key Takeaways

  • There is a very wide variety of fabrics regarding your preference
  • Most of the fabrics are great for blocking out sunlight
  • You can easily customize your curtains to your liking
  • Almost all of the fabrics are easy maintenance and don’t require hours of cleaning

Which Curtain fabric is great for me?

Due to the large variety of fabrics used, there are many choices regarding what material your specified curtains would be made of. These materials are often environmentally safe due to their indoor use. Depending on if you want a fabric that’s easily cleanable, or perhaps you want a fabric that’s simply soft to the touch, maybe even a fabric that would completely eliminate any sunlight being able to peek through your windows, there is a large variety of choices depending on what specific use you may have.

What are the best curtain fabrics out there?

While you may be intrigued by all of the possibilities and materials that are out there, each and every fabric used in an everyday home setting is completely variable and may be affected depending on what you’re really looking for.

As for the types of fabric, there are many great and outstanding materials such as:

  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Polyester
  • Linen

Worth mentioning materials would also be, blackout curtains, lace curtains, sheer curtains, thermal curtains and so on.

Cotton- an organic and eco-friendly material

Cotton is one of the most popular curtain fabrics there is out there. Known for its very soft and organic properties (making it a great eco-friendly and non-harmful product) provides a soft and silky feel to the environment. One of the greater qualities of cotton curtains is the ability to filter out any sort of light coming through, making it a great ideal material to have in your home. Cotton curtains give the environment you are in a great fresh and clean outlook, making it a great choice for people who like to keep their surroundings clean. As cotton has many great qualities, it’s also prone to fading when affected by sunlight, specifically if it’s placed directly under it, as the material can be greatly damaged due to it.

Silk Curtains as one of the most elegant materials

Silk is known for being one of the most elegant and well liked among consumers for its sophisticated outlook. Its qualities consist of great softness, it can also be used as a combination material, where for example you could use it along with cotton to create the perfect material for your home made use. Silk curtains can be used in many areas of your home. It is a very versatile material that can easily be cleaned and taken care of. As a very elegant material, it provides the home with a great and luxurious look, making your living space look outstanding.

Velvet Curtains are the way to go

Velvet is a very popular choice among curtain materials, but not as well-known as cotton or silk. However, velvet is made from variations of other materials such as polyester. Even though velvet is an amazing material, its cost rates are very high, meaning it’s not a very affordable material. Usually, velvet fabric is meant to give a very sophisticated and fancy style, meaning that it’s a very great material if you’re trying to portray your household in a very exquisite manner. Velvet is very thick, which makes it great when it comes to protecting from sunlight, but makes a good material during winter time. Velvet cannot be ironed due to the risk of being damaged.

Polyester Curtains are great for your home

Polyester is one of the more easy maintenance fabrics out there. It’s a great cheaper alternative to the above-mentioned materials. If you’re unsure about what sort of curtains to use for your home then this is a great choice for you. The material is very durable, easy to wash, and is a great source for keeping the unpleasant sunlight on a hot summer day. Great for any sort of living space due to its diversity. If you’re looking to have a low-maintenance curtain fabric that’s great for people who don’t want to have the heavy burden of constantly worrying whether it’s going to take hours to clean, then you’re in luck because polyester is the choice for you.

Linen Curtains provides natural lighting

If you’re looking to brighten up your home environment with a little bit of natural sunlight during the day then you can rest assured, linen provides you with transparency regarding the natural sunlight that cones in your household. Linen doesn’t require a lot of complex maintenance, you can easily clean it by dry cleaning.

However, you may have to iron your linen curtains to avoid any wrinkling as the material is prone to it. Typically used in areas where there is more open space, making the natural lighting pop and giving you a natural setting.

Due to the transparency of the fabric, you might have to forget about blocking out any unwanted sunlight as it’s hard for linen to be able to block out any light source fully. Great decoration that provides an elegant look to any living room, dining area, or any area where you want your surroundings to have natural lighting.

So, who do I choose?

Depending on what function you would like your fabric to be used for, the above-mentioned fabrics are great for specific use. Whichever fabric you think is fitting for your home, you may choose. For example, if you like natural lighting then you could choose linen, or if you want to be completely covered from the sunlight then you can use cotton or’s completely up to your preferences.

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